Mite Information

Mite ADM Families –

Congratulations to all of the kids who tried out for the MLHA Hornet ADM program this year.  As an organization we are really excited to have each and every one of the kids participate in our ADM program for the 2017-18 hockey season.  We have placed all of the kids on a team to start the season, and the coaches assigned to each group will be reaching out via e-mail to all families in the next couple of days.  Here are a couple of notes:


  1. Players are listed by their division and head coach using the pinney numbers given to them at try-outs.                  
  2. As noted in our try-out information players are assigned an “initial” team based on their scoring in the try-out process, one of the great things about the ADM level is that we have the freedom to move kids up, not down, as their skills progress throughout the year.  So the team assignment is by design very flexible as the year progresses
  3. The red, white, and blue divisions are how USA Hockey and the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League that we participate in divide players by skill level.  The Red  grouping is for the more advanced players, the White grouping is for the middle players, and the Blue grouping for players who are in their initial stages of development.  The reason we do this is to ensure that we have kids playing and practicing with players of similar skills sets to enhance their development.
  4. If your player has registered but did not participate in the try-out process, we will assign them a team in the Fall after they have had the chance to skate for the first couple of scheduled practices.  We will include those families in communication on the official start of the season.
  5. Each team has assistant coaches assigned – but we are always looking for more help – so please communicate to your head coach if you want to help with the team and do not find your name listed as an assistant coach
  6. All teams in the divisions are divided equally per the guidance from PAHL and USA Hockey, meaning each team at those levels is designed to be as balanced as possible based on the try-out.

 If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Brian Portman - the board oversight contact for Mite.  The ADM level is such a great time for players and families, we hope everyone enjoys the experience!!


Sincerely – Dave Klasnick

MLHA Vice President